Meet Marion Brooks

 Tell me about yourself! 
My name is Marion Brooks and I am a time traveler who supports herself working with metal. As of right now, I make custom jewelry and am learning to build and fabricate brass drum sets.

Tell me about your journey as an artist. 
I remember being frustrated around 18. At that point I enjoyed illustrating and painting but did not feel fulfilled or proud. I fell out of a ceiling, literally, one day and injured my back and realized I wanted to do more things with my body before it gave way. So I spent all my money and took a blacksmithing class at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina. I have since returned 3 times and taken jewelry making classes. Jewelry is probably the only consistent I have found in life. After taking these classes, I came back home (to Atlanta) and met a man named Greg Brennan. I became his apprentice or “bitch” and started doing odd jobs alongside him. I mean odd when I say it. These strange jobs usually happened inside of old, dilapidated buildings. Littered with the remains of decades past. Greg wanted large components: I liked them small. A sort of hoarding began before I decided to make due with the materials I had been collecting. I began making jewelry. Spending lots of time figuring out how to make things wearable.
Tell me about your jewelry making process. 
The process is continuously changing and I think that’s the most valued part of my work; the more I make the more I can afford to grow. My shop is small, and I tend to lean towards the live/work situation to conserve on costs. However, I have a nice beginner set up. From start to finish would be a bit difficult to fully explain. But basically, I start with raw materials…i.e. sheet metal, solder, wire, a tank and all the millions of little tools that help me manipulate the metal. Throughout many times of heating and cooling something is made. Sometimes I can make something in two hours, and sometimes in two days. I still have pieces I starting from a year ago, still left unfinished. (which I am sure anyone who makes things could say)DSC_0177.jpg
What inspires you? 
Time inspires me. The way I use mine, reflects through my work. I have yet to really find one group of inspiration that is fluid through my work. Maybe because I am still a novice trying to master my skill. As for now I am just here to give people my time to make them whatever they desire.
What have you been up to lately and what are some of your short-term or long-term goals? 
I’m going to Greece!!! And working on a chain mail dress/suit thing. My closest friend Bianca Acosta helped me (in so many ways) gain a residency in Greece working on a personal proposal as well as a group one. Thats my main focus for now. As well as some wedding rings, but thats top secret.
For more of Marion’s treasures, follower her at @mechinacajewelry and visit her website at to make a purchase! ❤

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