Meet Mika

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Mika Fengler; I am an artist and photographer

Tell me about your background as a photographer. I began taking a lot of photos with my mom’s old Nikon film camera in high school and took photography on as my major in college.  Since then I’ve been freelancing and trying to push what photography can be as an art form.


How would you classify your style/work? My style falls mostly under documentary work.  I also use photography with other mediums to explore my Okinawan identity and family history.

What inspires you? Right now Petra Collins is a huge inspiration for me as well as Frida Kahlo’s paintings. Architecture and literature are everyday influences; I’ve been reading a lot of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s work lately.
What is your favorite thing to shoot? I’ve really been enjoying shooting different types of architecture.
What was your career path? From aspiring photographer to doing it for a living? 
I’m currently working to make photography my full time job but have been doing freelance jobs.
Canon or Nikon? Why? Canon. I like the color palette that a Canon camera gives; its a subtle difference but important to me.
How do you promote your work? I promote my work via instagram and through collaborating with other artists.
13260890_263697943982961_1305828636_n.jpgWhat are your goals for the futures? I want to work more with other creatives and document their making process. I’m also focusing on getting work into galleries and publications.  In the future I would like to make short films.

For more of Mika’s work, follow her on Instagram @mika_fengler.


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